Full-Service Printing

As one of the leading full-service commercial printers in the Southwest, we specialize in web offset printing of publications, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, advertising and government publications. Our purpose built equipment produces high quality heat-set and cold-set printing—all under one roof.

Our pressroom was designed with two fundamental concepts – reliability and flexibility. Our business objectives are to make sure that our customers get what they order, delivered on time, every time, without fail, and to offer our customers a wide range of capabilities to meet their needs. Adding four or eight pages of color doesn’t cost as much as you might think!

Also, don’t forget that most local businesses prefer their advertisements in color, offering color makes it easier to sell advertising space. If you’re budget simply can’t afford it, we can print exceptionally high quality black only printing as well.

Of course, no matter what page count, paper grade, or number of color pages you choose, you can feel comfortable that Tristar’s quality and service is exceptional, and that we’re only a phone call away to help you with any issue or concern.